Thursday, February 24, 2011

Neo relation-Ship is a blog dedicated to relationships and its effects on individuals.

Being in a relationship is like subscribing to a subjective happiness. Your mood, your day and your sleeps are all subjective. Its  like giving someone a complete right to  ruin you and believing them for not to do so. Though I am trying to write about something that is already so  much read n written but at the same time it is least understood and expressed. For love has no fixed rules or books of wisdom. Its based on time, people and places. But one simple thing behind a good relationship is simple; love and faith. Actually love is a state of mind and can be practiced only through exercising faith and being faithful. Being both emotionally and physically faithful and investing heaps of faith on the person you love.

                     It was a little unfavorable time and you began doubting our ways,
                    standing away oh ! sweet pie; How shall we live those million days?

Dreams are all that I have for you in my eyes,
And I open my eyes everyday to make it true.
But every time you dangle at a testing situation,
forces me to wonder how we'll make it through.

                    Not that i cant live on my own, but i believe in a life with you.
                   Just be my anchor on the shores and someday you'll find me in you

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  1. second last line of the poem has touched my heart....n here i just realized that how i m with my one....i gave him a lots of pain n blues... u r true...very true......